TwentyFeelings NFT

TwentyFeelings are small limited collections of 20 pieces, each collection is unique, and each piece too. All drawn by hand one by one, with a lot of love.


The intention of this project is to create mini collections of 20 nfts that convey very diverse but visually interesting feelings. As each sub-collection is only 20 pieces, they are very special and rare.

1st - Haniwa
Haniwa 74%

Haniwa (埴 輪) are terracotta figures that were made for use in rituals and buried as funerary objects during the Kofun period of Japanese history.

Rocketeer.ALGO Cohete@rocketeerNFT
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Loved this little guy! Awesome project!
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Before bed purchases, I want more of these #twentyfeelings
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Love these #TwentyFeelings Will have to pick up another one.