Other projects

Frogtastic NFT

These frogs lived peacefully in a large pond, but it seems that a certain company dropped some radioactive waste. And now they are evolving creating their own society. Frogtastic is a series of pixel art NFTs. Each one is hand drawn and unique.

BlowfishGlitch NFT

Blowfish was a technmagician who got caught up in the astrophysical dimensions of the digital world. He now tries to return to his being by passing from dimension to dimension, but it seems that he is not succeeding. Now he’ll be glitch forever. This is a collage project.

TvGirlMadoka NFT

Madoka is from a post-apocalyptic multiverse where everyone has appliances in their heads. They have quite a few problems since their screen shows their emotions many times. This is a collage project. Each Nft is unique.

TweentyFeelings NFT

TwentyFeelings are small limited collections of 20 pieces, each collection is unique, and each piece too.
All drawn by hand one by one, with a lot of love.

LalaCats NFT

LalaCats is a closed NFT collection. It is made up of 7 collections of 90 NFTs + the number 0. Each collection is one of the LalaCats, which have different colors. They are: Lala, Lila, Lili, Lula, Lilu, Lulu, Lola.