LalaCats NFT

LalaCats is a closed NFT collection. It is made up of 7 collections of 90 NFTs + the number 0. Each collection is one of the LalaCats, which have different colors. They are: Lala, Lila, Lili, Lula, Lilu, Lulu, Lola.


These adorable kittens are very multifaceted, they know how to do everything, cook, clean, exercise, travel, work in different fields, party, etc.

They are super cute. They are drawn in a kawaii style.

Lala (White with orange spots)
White with orange spots 10%
Lila (Orange)
Orange 10%
Lili (Siamese)
Siamese 10%
Lilu (White)
White 0%
Lula (Grey)
Grey 0%
Lulu (Egyptian, pink)
Egyptian 0%
Lola (Black)
Black 0%
Wolf on Algo Street@WolfOnAlgoSt
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My collection so far (mutiple pages each dedicated to an artist) these are from @MoonNFTartist side project!
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This other cute one caught my eye, i mean yoga and cats what a perfect combo Manos palma contra palmaCañón de serpentina thanks @MoonNFTartist #algoNFT #NFT #algofam