Gilbert Goanna tree planting fund – Proposal

I’m Moon, illustrator, graphic and web designer. I’m delighted to submit my proposal for the Gilbert Goanna tree planting fund NFTs. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it’

Plants to save the plants

A wonderful theme for this collection of NTFs would be plant beings, in relation to the foundation.

The project can be directed in two ways, a more kawaii and adorable version, with a chibi aspect.
Or a more badass and grunge version. With more anthropomorphic characters.
Or you could even create an intermediate figure, just like I did for my Algonimals.

In this section I leave you some of my works of art so that you can learn more about my style

Here I show you different textures of a plant study, the planet earth is full of different types of plants, and they all have their personality, texture and color.