Algonimals Cute NFT


The Algonimals are animals that come to earth through a multiverse portal, and they need your love to survive here, help them. Each Algonimal is unique in the multiverse, there is none equal.


I love drawing Algonimals, I would like it to be a long-lived collection, but I want to make generations changing the theme, and without using the pieces of previous generations, so that the collection remains fresh and unique.

1st Phase (60 pieces)
Cute Animals 100%
2st Phase - Halloween
Halloween 100%

NFT Explorer aproval

The collection has been approved by the NFT Explorer website, which makes them more trusted NFT.

eli. 🌱⚡️ (FivePage)@eclark1215
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Super Stoked to have grabbed these first 2 uploads by @MoonCuteGlitch ! She’s An amazing artist and fellow twitch streamer! ALGOFam show her some love, look HOW CUTE! Welcome Cuttie & Spacey into the collection! 🥺💖💕
Felix Nevinsky@felixnevinsky
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Wow, managed to snag this awesome #algonimal at #AB2. Really dig the art style!
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Purchased: "Algonimals #95 - Spirit" by @MoonNFTartist I love these, they're so funny Check them out, they still have a few listed